Transform Your Educational Business with Cutting-Edge AI

Welcome to the forefront of educational innovation! Our bespoke 4-Module AI/Automation Literacy Program is specifically designed for forward-thinking business owners and entrepreneurs in the tutoring and education sector.

AI and Automation Literacy for Educational Businesses

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Enhance Teaching with AI

Discover how AI can revolutionize your teaching methods, creating more engaging and personalized learning experiences for students.

Streamline Administrative Tasks

Learn how to leverage AI to automate routine administrative tasks, freeing up more time to focus on what truly matters: teaching and mentoring.

Project Based Learning

Complete 20+ Automation Projects to clear deliverable business value while you learn over 4 months.

Future-Proof Your Business

Stay ahead in the competitive educational sector by integrating the latest AI technologies, ensuring your business remains at the cutting edge.

Empower Students with Modern Tools

Equip your students with AI-enhanced learning tools that foster a deeper understanding and encourage self-paced, interactive learning.

Build Stronger Family Connections

Use AI-driven communication tools to maintain a continuous and informed dialogue with families, strengthening your educational community.

Learning Modules

Embrace the future of tutoring and education with our bespoke 4-Module AI/Automation Literacy Program, designed for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Module 1: Prompting Mastery + Talking To Your Documents

Master the Art of AI Communication

  • Unlock AI Potential: Effective prompt crafting for AI communication.
  • Make your FAQs more interactive and engaging for parents and clients.
  • Understand the power and limitations of knowledge bases and how to keep your documents private.
  • Tips to integrate ChatGPT and AI into your everyday life.

Module 2: AI Automations for Student and Family Support

Enhancing Personalized Learning Experiences & Begin Automating with & Zapier

  • Transform lessons into personalized strength, weakness, and homework suggestions.
  • Create problem sets geared specifically to a students level and needs.
  • Bridge the Gap: Cultivate easier and continuous dialogue with families using AI tools.

Module 3: AI-Enhanced Content Creation for Digital Platforms

Mastering Social Media, Newsletters, and YouTube Automations

  • Social Media Savvy: Use AI to craft compelling posts in your signature style to foster engagement and community building.
  • Content Ideas: Automatically turn transcripts from your sessions into blog posts, youtube scripts, newsletters, and more.
  • Apply these principles to your social media of choice so that you never run out of ideas or the energy to implement them (it's automated now).

Module 4: Preparing for The Agent Team Revolution

Making the most of this transformation requires a new mindset: the AI Leverage Mindset.

  • Agent teams are coming, and they will revolutionize everything. This module will help you prepare while creating busines value now.
  • Allow for incremental change that is stable and robust to dramatic changes in the technology landscape.
  • Prepare for what is coming by poising yourself to take advantage of the next wave of AI innovation.
  • Make the changes that don't change. Learn how to improve your systems at the business logic level so that you can reduce change and remain agile as tech improves.

What You'll Get In This Program

20+ Projects and Templates

Dive into 20+ varied projects, from content creation to email automation, for hands-on AI learning.

20+ Pre-made ChatGPT Agents

Access and customize 20+ ready-to-use ChatGPT agents for immediate AI implementation.

Comprehensive Quizzes

Challenge your AI knowledge with quizzes that encapsulate the program’s core concepts.

Credential Opportunity

Earn a LinkedIn sharable certificate to showcase your AI mastery upon project and quiz completion.

Live Support and Troubleshooting

Get direct live support to navigate and solve AI project challenges effectively.

Recorded Lessons Archive

Enjoy unlimited access to all recorded lessons for easy review and self-paced learning.

Concise Video Walkthroughs

Learn quickly with short, focused video lessons that guide you through AI projects.

Up-to-Date AI Tool Insights

Stay ahead with the latest trends and practices in AI automation tools.


Dan Lerman

Dan Lerman

Founder of Brainstorm Tutoring | Co-Founder of the League of Exceptional Tutors (LXT)

"Tom is the perfect teacher for this course. He is a masterful tutor, meeting you at your level and mindfully guiding you to grow. He knows AI inside and out and is constantly learning. Working with Tom has given me such solid foundations on AI that I feel like I can keep up with any conversation in the space and even teach those around me. I have also learned a whole new way of thinking, one that affects my daily life and workflow. I feel significantly more empowered, creative, and productive. Thank you Tom!!!"

Scott Doty

Scott Doty

Founder of Brainstorm Tutoring | Co-Founder of the League of Exceptional Tutors (LXT)

"Working with Tom has been a stellar experience. He is amiable, insightful, & very bright. His guidance and feedback truly have inspired me to dig into the world of AI as a tool for professional and personal use. Highly recommended! "



Founder & Entrepreneur

"With my AI informed business, Thomas has been a lifesaver numerous times over, especially helping me critically think about how to apply it successfully for my clients. His aptitude, passion and fervor for teaching is remarkably valuable & insightful."

Live Course Begins: March 6th, 2023

1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month
12pm EST-2pm EST over Zoom.

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Meet Your Instructor

Responsible AI Forward Tutor & Software Developer

Thomas Meli

With over 20 years of education experience, I blend innovative teaching methodologies with AI to help students navigate the powerful transition to college with grace... And now, I'm sharing the best of what I've learned with other educators like you.

From scribbling HTML and JavaScript code in a paper notebook during elementary school classes to achieving "Expert Rank" (top 1%) on the Kaggle Data Science platform, my journey with coding and AI has been life-long. The advent of AlphaGo in 2016 woke me up to how powerful AI was becoming and since then I've been on a mission to learn as much as I can about this transformative field.

My background in coding and data science helped me create innovate learning platforms that leverage AI, helping to elevate students' potential. I've been applying automation and AI to my various businesses for years, and I'm excited to share my knowledge with you.

My goal with this program is to help educators like you expand your business and help students reach new heights in their educational journey and personal development.

Thomas Meli

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